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Bird flu H6N1 found on farm in Shropshire

The Livetec Operations team were called to Shropshire on the 6th March 2020 after it was discovered that the non-notifiable H6N1 strain of avian influenza was quickly spreading across the farm. On site there were over 20,000 broiler breeder hens across four sheds, and had spread through two of the sheds on site. 

It was decided by all the parties involved that to ensure the disease did not spread any further, depopulation was needed for the birds in the affected sheds. The Livetec team used their extensive experience and on-farm operations to ensure that the work was carried out humanely and ethically with the welfare of the birds as a priority.

Livetec supplies tailored contingency plans that can mitigate the risk of disease and give you peace of mind. They are created by our team of technical experts with years of experience and are a benefit rich investment for the future of a farming business.

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