Our biosecurity services

The threats from diseases that can devastate livestock and livelihoods are increasing. 

As world-leaders in biosecurity, you can rely on our team of experts to provide effective strategies to mitigate the risks of disease entering your farm.

Farm Biosecurity Practices | the importance of biosecurity in poultry farming

Our app protects all poultry owners

For poultry farmers, egg producers and backyard keepers, our app is vital to prevent disease incursions. 

With real-time notifications on bird flu and bluetongue outbreaks, informing you of the zone you’re in and the regulations, the Livetec Systems App ensures you’re prepared and protected.  

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biosecurity companies | the importance of biosecurity in poultry farming

LTEC Academy

The LTEC Academy is revolutionising learning for the digital age and redefining the traditional norms of education. Experience customised learning with an array of modules that are designed to integrate with your workflow.  

We cover everything from introductory courses on disease prevention and control to advanced studies on biosecurity policy and management. 

Our courses are developed by experts and continually updated. They deliver practical, industry-relevant skills to produce the next generation of leaders.


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Protecting livestock, livelihoods and reputations

Biosecurity Advisory Service

Our unique Biosecurity Advisory Service is your crucial first step to achieve optimum biosecurity. Protecting your flock, your farm, your finances and your future. 

In a one day visit our expert advisor conducts a comprehensive review of your operations. Then, using unrivalled on-farm experience, delivers you a detailed breakdown of any risks and provides solutions to maximise your biosecurity.

This service includes:

  • A comprehensive review of your current measures
  • A full farm walkthrough
  • Issues identified and solutions advised
  • Business overview and assessment recommendations
  • A biosecurity performance rating


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bespoke biosecurity services on dairy farms and poultry farms

biosecurity companies | the importance of biosecurity in poultry farming

Contingency Plan

Contingency planning can save your farm. We have developed our plans to cover every aspect of your business. By predicting future scenarios, risks or emergencies we ensure you’re prepared to protect your farm business come what may. 

With our industry-leading plans you have the strategies and directions to navigate your way through any crisis. They’re aligned with the APHA disease outbreak measures and Defra’s disease protocols.

Our contingency plans provide:

  • Biosecurity Plan
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • National Outbreak Plan
  • Cleansing and Disinfection Plan


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Biosecurity Plan

To run a modern farm business, it’s essential you have a biosecurity plan in place. Without it you’re leaving your farm wide open to a deadly disease incursion. 

Our plan provides a comprehensive biosecurity overview. Documenting all your on-farm protocols and practices that are in place to prevent an outbreak; ensuring you, your staff and visitors know the best practices to protect your farm’s future. 

Our Biosecurity Plans provide:

  • A full biosecurity overview to demonstrate a robust line of defence
  • A clear outline of defined biosecurity protocols
  • All-year-round escalation planning and high-risk period prevention plan
  • A cleaning and disinfection record
  • Farm mapping
  • Pest control strategy
  • Lion Code and Red Tractor biosecurity standards
  • Compliance with the latest government legislation


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A Farmer and a Livetec expert discussing farm biosecurity

Farmer with biosecurity checklist

Emergency Response Plan

Be prepared for any disease outbreak with our Emergency Response Plan.

The Emergency Response Plan contains two copies, one for you and one for the APHA. It holds all the critical information you and officials require should an emergency arise. It ensures your farm business is fully prepared to take control and bounce back to profitability.   

It provides:

  • Two copies (one for you and one for the APHA)
  • A comprehensive document outlining emergency procedures
  • Key contact lists
  • Action plan on suspicion of disease or emergency
  • An infected premises checklist 
  • Up-to-date record of farm information
  • Facility planning for visitors
  • Infected premises map indicating biosecurity control points
  • On-site storage and holding capacity
  • Contaminated waste water and litter containment and disposal schedule
  • Templates for bird numbers and housing
  • A pest control plan
  • Depopulation outline of operations


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National Outbreak Plan

It’s vital you know what to do when the government imposes restrictions during a disease outbreak. 

Our National Outbreak Plan is your guide to navigate an outbreak. It simplifies all the government legislation, regulations and requirements and contains all the information you’ll need if impacted by an outbreak or fall in a control zone. 

The National Outbreak Plan includes:

  • A how-to guide for disease declaration
  • Information reporting when zones are implemented
  • Explanation of movement restrictions
  • Movement licensing and their conditions of use
  • Zone definitions and their requirements
  • How to deal with the media
  • A guide on how to change or update your CPH number
  • Updates of the Governments exotic diseases control and AI policy


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Cleansing and Disinfection Plan

Without a Cleansing and Disinfection Plan in place you could be held up for months trying to get one officially approved, resulting in costly financial delays.  

With our government approved Cleansing and Disinfection Plan, you can begin the process of recovering from an outbreak immediately, resulting in a speedy return to profitability. 

Our Cleansing and Disinfection Plan provides:

  • A structure to build a fully defined schedule of works for cleansing and disinfection
  • A clear how-to guide on how cleaning and disinfection works should be carried out
  • Breakdown of the Regulatory Position Statement (RPS)
  • An outline of the best practice for cleaning farm equipment
  • A plan on the use and disposal of water used in the cleansing process
  • Exemplar schedules of work for cleansing, disinfection and restocking


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“From the first site-visit, to the follow-up calls and the delivery of our detailed plans, I have been extremely impressed with the expert team at Livetec. Their advice on current regulation and what to do if avian influenza were to hit our farms have been straightforward yet simple to follow, and very effective. Our partnership has been worth every penny.”