An Emergency Response Plan helps you react immediately in unforeseen circumstances


With an Emergency Response Plan in place you will know how to react, who to contact and what actions to take from the moment an issue occurs, or a disease is suspected. You’ll start your business’s recovery from day 1: getting you back to normal operations faster.


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When responding to an emergency, speed is of the essence


Emergencies such as flooding or disease outbreaks have a devastating effect on affected farms. Not only is there the distress caused by animal ill-health, but the cost to the business can be severe.

Being declared with a notifiable disease ultimately results in depopulation and then a long process of cleansing and recovery before authorities will permit re-stocking and the potential restarting of normal operations. Each stage of this process can take a very long time, putting significant pressure on the business’s ability to continue. 

In addition, the moments after a flood or disease outbreak can be bewildering and scary: it’s not clear what needs to happen next. Who do you contact? What can you do to help your animals? You need an Emergency Response Plan.


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Our Emergency Response Plan helps you start your recovery on day 1

Our Emergency Response Plan is a comprehensive action plan. Completed in conjunction with the biosecurity experts at Livetec, it outlines in chronological order all of the steps that have to be taken during an emergency.

The plan covers every single element of the process from a suspected infection to re-stocking. The Emergency Response Plan provides your business with a bespoke recovery plan, getting you back to normal operations again as soon as possible.

By reducing the time taken to get the recovery process underway you save money by:

  • Increasing the amount of compensation you will receive from insurers
  • Getting back to profitable operations faster

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What’s included in an Emergency Response Plan?


Once your plan is complete, you’ll have two copies – one for you to follow and one to hand over to officials when they visit, giving them the exact information they need in order to work on your case.

With an Emergency Response Plan you’ll receive:

  • Comprehensive, biosecurity-focussed audit of your premises and business
  • All necessary infected premises information forms
  • Implementable action plan on suspicion of disease
  • An infected premises map, assisting with the correct implementation of boundaries
  • Key contact listing and mapping of your farm and the surrounding area
  • Waste water containment and disposal schedule
  • On-site storage and holding capacity planning
  • Pest control plan
  • Operational outline for depopulation

An Emergency Response Plan is the authoritative plan for how to act and react in the event of an emergency. Your poultry business can’t afford to be without one.

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What is included in your Plan:

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Frequently asked questions

Speed. If you’re hit by an emergency, speed is of the essence. The quicker you can respond, the faster you can recover. Saving time saves you money and reduces stress.

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We know that obtaining adequate insurance for disease outbreaks can be difficult for many poultry farmers. An Emergency Response Plan is evidence of how seriously you take biosecurity and are doing everything in your power to mitigate any potential losses. This proactive behaviour is looked on favourably by insurers.

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Having to cull a flock can be very distressing. Our Emergency Response Plan contains an operational outline for depopulation that helps save time and reduce the stress for everyone involved.

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An Emergency Response Plan is a very important step in protecting your poultry business from the potentially devastating impacts of disease outbreaks. Depending on your circumstances, you may benefit from some of our biosecurity services to confer maximum protection to your business. You can find more about our other services here. 

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