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How is the war in Ukraine affecting British farming?

In this Livetec whitepaper we look at how the war in Ukraine is posing a number of complex problems for Britain’s farmers and some of the solutions available to them.

Breaking Point: The Rising Costs to Egg Producers

Egg producers are facing challenges like never before. First, politics. Then disease. And now war. This Livetec report delves into the state of play and the solutions.

Biosecurity Services product guide

Recognised by APHA and Defra, Livetec's biosecurity service provides specialist expert advice to help mitigate a disease outbreak occurring on your farm.


Farm Health Guardian

Whether you are managing 4 farms or 400 farms, Farm Health Guardian can help you take action to prepare and protect your operation.


Livetec NEX® product guide

Fully WATOK and Red Tractor compliant hand-held depletion device ensuring straight forward and reliable neck dislocation in poultry despatching.


Nitrogen Foam Delivery System (NFDS) product guide

High capacity nitrogen expansion foam system for whole-house gassing, suitable for rapid and humane depopulation for pigs and poultry.


CO2 Whole-House Gassing (WHG) product guide

High capacity CO2 on-farm depopulation solution for large-scale disease outbreaks using a multi-point release system.


Smart Oxygen Meter (SOM) product guide

A portable and multi-functional independent unit for measuring on-farm gas levels when conducting depopulation by gas exposure.


Containerised Gassing Units (CGUs) product guide

Efficient and humane, easy to operate depletion solutions from Livetec with our on-farm units with three levels of capacity.


Why you need biosecurity on your farm

Excellent biosecurity is a farm’s best defence against a disease outbreak. Livetec’s Biosecurity Infographic highlights the dangers and provides solutions.

The 8 essential steps to a biosecure farm

As biosecurity experts with years of experience in both notifiable and non-notifiable disease outbreaks, the Livetec team has identified 8 steps to making your farm biosecure.