The Livetec NEX®


Maximise welfare with the Livetec NEX®


The Livetec NEX® is the optimum, humane method of despatching individual birds on-farm.


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In-house depopulation capability

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The NEX® is a hand-held depletion device, designed to ensure straight-forward, reliable neck dislocation, giving poultry owners in-house depopulation capability. Guaranteeing humane, quick and consistent neck dislocation, the NEX® helps users to avoid unnecessary suffering for poultry.

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Ergonomically designed for ease of use

For standard poultry, place the NEX® between the index and middle finger of your preferred hand. The grip differs slightly for ducks and larger birds, with the NEX® held between the thumb and index finger.

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Full training available

We have developed a range of training and education materials to help ensure the correct operation, compliance and consistency when using the NEX®.

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For use with multiple types of poultry

The NEX® is suitable for use with broilers, layers, ducks, young turkeys, pheasant and grouse. Allowed to be used for birds up to 5kg.

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An easy-to-use, high-performance tool


Increased weight allowance

Birds up to 5kg


Unrestricted throughput

No limit per person, per day


Industry compliant

WATOK & EU 1099/2009



3 years of academic research & 2 years of product development


Improves cull welfare

Red Tractor & Humane Slaughter Association approved



Best New Product at 2020 Poultry Business Awards

Distributed and used worldwide


Experience the Livetec NEX®

Despatch birds with care and confidence


Whether for commercial poultry production, if a bird becomes sick, injured or is at the end of its productive life or even for wider welfare management of your entire flock, it must be despatched with care and confidence to prevent unnecessary suffering.


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