The Livetec NEX®

Stop using the wrong technique, or outdated methods to despatch sick or infected poultry.

Whether you farm poultry commercially, or have a small backyard flock there is no excuse for causing stress and suffering in your birds.

Poultry can suffer from many diseases and afflictions, which are not notifiable and will require you to humanely end their suffering.

Don’t be left behind using techniques which the government and industry reject as not in keeping with the high animal welfare standards of British farming.

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Make sure you provide a swift and humane end to sick, diseased or suffering birds.

  • The Livetec NEX® gives you the confidence to provide a humane neck dislocation to a sick bird every time
  • The Livetec NEX® is very affordable at just £49.95 plus p+p
  • The Livetec NEX® is supported by comprehensive ‘how to use’ instructions and a training video
  • The Livetec NEX® can be used by anyone who has the best interest of their birds at heart
  • The Livetec NEX® is industry compliant at the highest level

Get a Livetec NEX® today.

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