Your guide to navigating a disease outbreak


Disease outbreaks can spread fast, leaving you scrambling for answers. Don’t be caught unprepared! 


The National Outbreak Plan equips you with the knowledge to act decisively. You’ll understand what happens during an outbreak, how to protect yourself, and what role you play in stopping the spread.


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Legislation, regulations and requirements simplified


In a disease outbreak the Government will impose restriction zones around an infected premises and a range of compliance and legislation comes into force that directly affects you.

The Livetec National Outbreak Plan cuts through the red tape, giving you the clear and up-to-date information you need in the moment. From outbreaks to restricted zones and licensing issues, it’s all in the plan.



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The first step to contingency planning

Without a contingency plan in place in a notifiable disease outbreak, you could find yourself in trouble.

The National Outbreak Plan gives you step-by-step instructions on what you have to do, what you can do and what you must do. It forms the foundation of your contingency plan, providing you with:

  • Enhanced preparedness and understanding of the current landscape and how you should operate within it
  • Allows you to focus on your animals instead of researching logistics
  • Easy to follow handbook for navigating disease outbreaks in the UK
  • Saves time for you and your staff time in urgent situations
  • Licensing becomes user friendly

Be prepared, save money, protect your livelihood. Get the plan today!

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What is included in the National Outbreak Plan?

  • A how-to guide for disease declaration
  • Information reporting when zones are implemented
  • Explanation of movement restrictions
  • Movement licensing and their conditions of use
  • Zone definitions and their requirements
  • How to deal with the media
  • A guide on how to change or update your CPH number
  • Updates of the Governments exotic diseases control and AI policy

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