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We draw on decades of front line experience in farming and agriculture, biosecurity and high animal welfare to provide a wide range of innovative products and expert support services for our clients.

Livetec Solutions

Biosecurity Services

Reduce on-farm risks with our farm planning and bespoke biosecurity services. We work with you to safeguard your business, helping you navigate challenges with confidence, from biosecurity advice to risk mitigation.

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On-Farm Operations

Whether you are facing an urgent disease outbreak, the closure of processing plants or are trying to manage seasonal demand, Livetec have the right solution for your business. Read more about our emergency depopulation and commercial depletion services.

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On-Farm Products

Our on-farm solutions help small-scale farmers to bring operations in-house, allowing them to reduce costs, speed up despatching, improve welfare and remove the reliance on third party processors. Read more about Livetec’s innovative range of products.

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Research and Development

Livestock management is an ever-evolving science, which is why we have been collaborating with leading academic institutions, animal welfare bodies and governments to provide the evidence base that improves humane slaughter methods, welfare standards and commercial profitability.

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Avian Influenza Cases


Follow a timeline of highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks in the UK from September 2022.


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What’s New

Increasing US cases of bird flu in cows spark wider concern

Increasing US cases of bird flu in cows spark wider concern

12 June 2024

Increasing US cases of bird flu in cows milk spark wider concern since the first reported cases in March with an increase to 58 herds across the country by May 24th.

The Sustainable Farming Incentive: Financially rewarding greener farmers

The Sustainable Farming Incentive: Financially rewarding greener farmers

5 June 2024

The UK agricultural landscape recently introduced by the government, aims to incentivise farmers to adopt practices that benefit both food production and the environment.

Resource Hub


In our resource hub, you can find a range of carefully curated reports, guides, case studies and white papers, filled with in-depth information on trends, guidance and topics relevant to both the agricultural industry and Livetec.


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Supporting Your Business


We work with you to protect your reputation and livelihood. Our award-winning product suite, contingency plans and industry leading research help safeguard your farm now, and in the future, adding value to your business at every step.

If you are concerned about the consequences of a disease outbreak, Livetec’s expert team will work with you to develop a solution that keeps you compliant should the worst happen, and get you back to business as usual as quickly as possible.


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