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Livetec helps you develop strategies with a clear roadmap of what to do if you face any emergency,
from outbreak to flooding, on and off your farm.
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Step 1: Biosecurity Advisory Service

Following our Biosecurity Advisory Service, take the next step towards optimising your biosecurity and better protecting your livestock with our Contingency Planning Package.


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Step 2: Contingency Planning

Contingency Planning plays a pivotal role in protecting livestock and livelihoods.

Our Contingency Plans encompass every aspect of your farm business – predicting potential scenarios, risks and emergencies that could impact your farm in the future and offer proactive solutions, ensuring you are equipped to address these challenges.

Aligned with the Government’s outbreak measures and disease protocols, our Contingency Plans are the second crucial step to future proofing your farm.

What’s included in the Contingency Planning Package?

  • Biosecurity Plan
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • National Outbreak Plan
  • Cleansing and Disinfection Plan
  • Cost of Depopulation Report

Biosecurity Plan



Our Biosecurity Plans provide information about your current biosecurity protocols and detail all the practices that staff and visitors must adhere to on and off-farm to prevent deadly pathogens entering your farm.


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What’s in a Biosecurity Plan?

  • In-depth biosecurity overview to establish a robust line of protection
  • Clearly defined biosecurity protocols by all staff and visitors
  • All year-round escalation planning and preventative strategies for high-risk periods
  • Details of thorough cleansing and disinfection products used
  • Lion Code and Red Tractor biosecurity standards
  • Farm mapping
  • Pest control strategy
  • Our Biosecurity Plans are compliant with the latest government guidelines

For site managers

Livetec also provides templates for:

  • A Range Management Plan: With procedures for range management prior to a housing order being lifted
  • A Contingency Plan: For housed free-range bird welfare
  • A Wild Animal Control Plan
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Maintenance inspections
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Covering all tasks that have an impact on biosecurity

Emergency Response Plan



The Emergency Response Plan ensures that you are fully prepared to act, immediately and effectively, in any scenario to protect your livestock and your farm. Enhance your preparedness for risks and emergencies.


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What’s in an Emergency Response Plan?

  • Biosecurity-focussed audit of your premises and business
  • Immediate action plan on suspicion of disease
  • Infected premises map for officials to implement boundaries 
  • Infected premises information form 
  • Visitor facility planning
  • On-site storage and holding capacity plan
  • Waste water containment and disposal schedule 
  • Key contact listing and mapping of the surrounding area
  • Outline for depopulation operations

National Outbreak Plan



Our National Outbreak Plan has been designed to simplify the regulations and requirements set by the UK government, providing you with everything you need to know should you be impacted by a disease outbreak or fall within a restriction zone.


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What’s included in the National Outbreak Plan?

  • Information reporting when zones are implemented 
  • Simplified movement restriction explanations
  • How-to guide for disease declaration 
  • Movement licencing and conditions of use
  • Zone definitions and requirements
  • Media management guidelines
  • Farming support services and mental health planning
  • CPH number change/update guide

Cleansing and Disinfection Plan



Our Cleansing and Disinfection Plan provides you with a clear understanding of the instructions and measures you must follow to comply with APHA requirements, readying you to get your farm operational again, as soon as possible.


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What’s included in a Cleansing and Disinfection Plan?

  • The structure to build a defined schedule of work for cleansing and disinfection
  • How-to guide for all cleansing and disinfection works
  • Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) breakdown
  • Best practice outline for cleaning farm equipment 
  • Plan for water use and disposal in the cleaning process 
  • Exemplar schedules of work for cleansing and disinfection

Cost of Depopulation Report



For farmers looking for insurance coverage, it is essential to understand the potential costs linked to a notifiable disease outbreak or any unforeseen issue on your farm. This report shows a commitment to risk management, including disease prevention, as insurers often require farmers to produce plans related to depopulation.


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What’s included in the Cost of Depopulation Report?

  • Expenses related to the culling
  • Costs of catching and disposal

“I think the best thing we can do on-farm, in case we get AI, is to be prepared. What better thing can you do than to have a Contingency Plan drawn up by professionals who know all the ins and outs of what’s going to happen on your farm, what the regulations are, how it’s all going to unfold on your farm? So you need professionals who can guide you in that.”

James Baxter, Egg Farmer, Scotland

Before their business was hit by AI, Herb Fed worked with industry specialists, Livetec Systems on planning. 

Edward [farmer] said: “Livetec had been working with us behind the scenes for three or four years, helping us with our biosecurity.”

It meant that when the worst happened they already had a plan in place to tackle AI. Their biosecurity plan was so good that, following the culling of birds, it was found that AI had been restricted to the original two broiler sheds.

Herb Fed Poultry, Chicken and Turkey Farmers, York
Featured in the: NFU Poultry Magazine

“There’s so much pressure on farmers. We’re working with Livetec because if you’ve got good biosecurity, it’s going to protect your business in the long run. It’s worth putting that money into it and investing.”

Josh Watson, Egg Farmer, Bedford

Step 3: Farm Health Guardian

The biosecurity management system that works in real-time to organise your farm, keep your team updated, and remain compliant. Save time, money and stress. Digitise your farm.

Farm Health Guardian: Logbook

£30 per month


Farm Health Guardian Logbook removes paper-based systems by digitising visitor records and storing them in a secure database. Eliminate the inaccuracies from paper-based systems and enable instant access to critical data for audits or disease traceback needs.


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Farm Health Guardian: Protect

£75 per month


Documenting the movement of trucks and individuals entering and exiting farm properties, this invaluable tool aids farms farm-related business in monitoring and enhancing biosecurity measures. In the event of a suspected animal disease outbreak, the system efficiently generates trace-out reports and issues timely notifications, thereby minimising the risk of disease transmission.


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Our range of Biosecurity Support Packages are perfectly tailored to meet the biosecurity requirements of all sizes of farms. Ensure your on-farm biosecurity is at its optimum level with our ongoing support.


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