Contingency Planning

Farm businesses that handle livestock must have sufficient plans in place that mitigate the risks of disease outbreaks. 

Without planning, farm businesses become incredibly vulnerable to the risk of disease incursion, which will cause significant financial implications, prolonged operational downtime and have a negative impact on reputation.

Livetec are biosecurity experts


Our plans have been designed according to regulations outlined by the Government, and industry bodies to help bird owners remain compliant, whilst mitigating their risks.

We provide a range of plans, some of which can be tailored to farm businesses, that are designed to provide as much protection for farm businesses as possible.


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Biosecurity advisory service


Outlining stringent biosecurity measures is absolutely critical for farm businesses. Our biosecurity experts have years of experience in delivering fully comprehensive advisory services that enact the highest level of on-farm disease prevention.

Our advisory service provides you with an on-farm visit with a biosecurity expert. With this service, we become a supportive partner to your farm business, assisting you in minimising risks and knowing how you can better protect your farm from disease incursion.

Providing the highest level of protection, our Livetec experts help you put biosecurity measures into practice that are tailored to your farm.

Contact our Livetec experts to learn more about our unique biosecurity advisory service


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Contingency plan


Contingency planning is incredibly important within the agricultural industry, especially for poultry farmers, who are seeing the constant threat of disease spread every year.

Our contingency plans encompass every aspect of farm businesses, predicting scenarios, risks and emergencies that could arise in the future and designing strategies that help to manage the impact of these concerns.

Our wide range of services within the contingency plan provide you with a clear roadmap of what to do, should you face a range of issues, including processing delays and disease outbreaks. Aligned with both APHA disease outbreak measures and Defra’s disease protocols, our contingency plans make you compliant.

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Livetec offers a range of contingency plans. Find out more by contacting our experts.


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Biosecurity plan


Biosecurity plans are absolutely crucial to farm businesses. Without a plan in place, you are leaving your business and animals highly susceptible to disease incursion.

Young farmer reviewing a Livetec biosecurity plan online

Our biosecurity plans encompass all of the measures that must be followed by every single person on and off farm to prevent the introduction of deadly pathogens.

  • Full biosecurity overview to provide a line of protection
  • An outline of defined biosecurity protocols
  • Provides an all-year escalation plan
  • Visual diagrams of your farm for mapping
  • Gives a high-risk period prevention plan, defining pertinent legislation
  • A record for cleaning agents and the disinfectants used on-farm 
  • Outlines plans to deal with pest incursion
  • Compliance scheme breakdowns, including Lion Code and Red Tractor
  • Assurance scheme mapping for compliance
  • Updates on the latest government demands and legislation that is critical to add to your biosecurity plan
  • An acronym glossary, for quick reference

With avian influenza (AI) being considered endemic in wild birds across the UK, the risks to poultry farmers continue to increase, and as we head once again into the AI season, your birds are incredibly vulnerable.

Protect your birds, finances and reputation now by contacting the Livetec experts.


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Emergency response plan


An emergency response plan significantly enhances your preparedness. Related to biosecurity planning, the emergency response plan by Livetec is designed to cover everything that APHA needs from you if and when they visit your farm business.

When outbreaks occur, zones are put in place. If your premises is caught in a zone, you will be visited by APHA. If an outbreak is confirmed, there will be a significant number of people on your premises, including APHA who need a lot of information from you.

Farmer looking at the Farm Health Guardian app on his phone

This plan holds all of the critical information they need, in one place, allowing you to be less stressed and make the process smoother.

  • A complete business and location overview, in relation to biosecurity planning
  • Key contact listing and mapping of the surrounding area
  • Immediate action plan on suspicion of disease
  • An infected premises information form
  • Record of factual farm information
  • Facility planning for visitors
  • An infected premises map, showing animal health where to implement boundaries 
  • On-site storage and holding capacity planning
  • Waste water containment and disposal schedule, related to cleaning and disinfection
  • Templates for bird numbers and housing
  • A pest control plan
  • Depopulation outline of operations

Compiling all of the information outlined in a Livetec emergence response plan will save you stress, time and money, allowing you to be more clear and concise on key information related specifically to your farm business.

Enact a layer of support for your whole farm business by contacting the Livetec biosecurity experts.


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National outbreak plan

The upward trend in avian influenza cases over the past year has reinforced the need for bird owners to plan ahead.

Farmer and worker reviewing a Livetec contingency plan checklist

Our national outbreak plan distils all to simplify all the regulations and requirements set by the UK government into an easy to follow document, to provide bird owners with a wealth of up to date information, detailing everything you need to know should you be impacted by zones or a disease outbreak.

  • A how-to guide for disease declaration
  • Information reporting when zones are implemented
  • Explanation of movement restrictions
  • Movement licensing and their conditions of use
  • Zone definitions and their requirements
  • How to deal with the media
  • Farming related support services and mental health planning 
  • A guide on how to change or update your CPH number
  • Updates of the Governments exotic diseases control and AI policy
  • An acronym glossary to quickly define key terms

Investing in a Livetec national outbreak plan will save you time and money in the worst case scenario, as well as offer support to you and your staff in a vulnerable situation.

Cleaning and disinfection plan


A critical part of disease recovery includes the ability to undertake thorough and comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of the premises. This can take place after an outbreak, or simply between flocks and when shutting down and reopening sheds.

Should you be impacted by an outbreak, there are very specific ways in which these measures need to be applied.

Farmer contemplating a Livetec cleaning and disinfection plan


Without a cleaning and disinfection (C&D) plan in place, you can be tied up in a long process of tight regulations and approval before you can undertake any of these measures, and get your premises operational again.

  • A structure to build a fully defined schedule of works for cleansing and disinfection
  • Details as to how cleaning and disinfection works should be carried out
  • Breakdown of the Regulatory Position Statement (RPS)
  • Guidelines on how to carry out internal cleaning of equipment
  • A plan on the use and disposal of water used in the cleansing process
  • Schedule of works sample for cleansing and disinfection
  • An acronym glossary of the critical terms related to C&D works

Our cleaning and disinfection plan is designed to give you the framework, instructions and show compliance to APHA that you are prepared to undertake all of the steps necessary to make your business operational again.

Having a plan in place saves you time, stress and money, allowing you to have peace of mind that you can become operational again promptly.

To buy a cleaning and disinfection plan or for further support with creating a plan and undertaking the measures, contact the Livetec team.


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