Introducing the
Livetec Systems App

Getting you ahead of the spread of bird flu.

Our exciting new app caters to the needs of all bird owners – from poultry farmers to egg producers and backyard keepers.

It gives you real-time updates on avian influenza outbreaks across the UK, takes into consideration your proximity to your properties and informs you of the measures you need to take should you be caught in a zone.

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Real-time disease outbreak notifications

Making information easier. Get real-time disease outbreak notifications quickly and report outbreaks easily with the Livetec Systems App.

Stay ahead of disease outbreaks with alerts delivered straight to your phone. With our app, you can be better prepared in the event of disease incursion and help safeguard your flock. You are also immediately notified should you be in a protection or surveillance zone, and what to do if you end up in one.

Simple disease outbreak monitoring

With our interactive map, monitoring bird flu outbreaks is easy. Being prepared helps you to take immediate action to reduce the impact of being caught in a Disease Control Zone should you need to.

The Livetec Systems App gives users access to the UK national outbreak status through an interaction map, so you can easily see the location of your property or livestock units relative to the outbreaks, and the zones around them.

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Automate time-consuming manual processes

The app will proactively send notifications if you are caught in a surveillance or protection zone, delivering peace of mind whilst saving you time.

As a livestock holder, you can register your property details as well as your livestock unit details. Using critical location data, this is then continuously compared to the latest outbreak data, to make sure you are kept up-to-date with the latest information.

Sign up and set up your personal profile

Whether you are a poultry farmer or a backyard keeper, our app is the perfect solution for staying ahead of disease outbreaks.

You can sign up and set up a personal profile, which includes adding a property and livestock units.

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Protect your farm business and livestock

Download the Livetec Systems App NOW to access the National Outbreak Plan for free* within the app for a limited time only.

The National Outbreak Plan helps protect the future of your farm business. It describes how the government responds to an avian influenza outbreak and explains, in-depth, what you are legally required to do if impacted by an outbreak.

*RRP £174.95. Free for the first 100 downloads.

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Avian influenza in wild birds map

Wild birds are one of the main routes for the spread of avian influenza to domestic and commercial flocks. 

Our app informs you when and where the disease has been detected in wild birds. So, should infected birds be found near your premises, you can prepare measures to protect your flock, your farm and your future.

With the wild birds map you’re: 

  • Kept up to date with avian influenza in wild birds across the country
  • Alerted to infected birds in your locality
  • Prepared to protect your flock
  • Able to rest assured knowing you’re well informed
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Historical avian influenza outbreak timeline

Historically, disease outbreaks follow patterns and this critical data can be used to predict when the next outbreak might occur. Our app has been designed to simplify access to this crucial information, helping you to plan for the future.

This information can be used to:

  • Forecast outbreak timing
  • Map the geographical spread
  • Understand how a disease could be transmitted
  • Predict outbreak severity
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