Smart Oxygen Meter

Ensure the highest animal welfare with our multi-functional, proactive monitoring system.

The Livetec Smart Oxygen Meter (SOM) works with all Containerised Gassing Units, not just Livetec’s own – providing multi-functional, proactive monitoring. 

To maintain the highest animal welfare standards during on-farm culling it is essential to monitor the gas concentration throughout the chamber. Our portable and independent unit gives operators the exact measurements within the chamber, ensuring all the regulations concerning on-farm gas exposure are met and the European Regulation on the Protection of Animals at the Time Of Killing (EU 1099/2009) is fully complied with. 

Animal welfare is our highest priority when on-farm stunning is carried out and it is essential that gas concentrations are monitored. Livetec’s Smart Oxygen Meter is the only product available that can do this in a portable, robust, user-friendly unit. 

the smart oxygen meter is a multi-functional, proactive monitoring system for ensuring high animal welfare

There’s only one device in the world that ensures you’re fully compliant with regulations while conducting depopulation by gas. It’s our Smart Oxygen Meter.


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The benefits of using Livetec’s Smart Oxygen Meter:

  • Supplied in a virtually indestructible storm-proof hard case
  • Long life battery ensures uptime when depopulating
  • Use reports to show compliance with welfare standards to auditors, regulators and internal company personnel
  • Improves welfare ensuring standard are met during on-farm despatching
  • Simple to operate, user-friendly system reduces stress for handlers and ensures a successful operation
  • Adjustable user settings, including oxygen set point, hold times and an in-built calibration mode
  • Cycle metrics are available to download and are stored in a convenient .csv format
  • Easily integrated with any gassing unit including all Livetec manual CGUs