Preparedness ends with our Cleansing and Disinfection Plan


With a Cleansing and Disinfection Plan from Livetec, you’ll have a bespoke, tried-and-tested cleansing strategy that significantly reduces operational downtime and gets you back to profitable farming quicker.


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Cleansing and disinfection: get it right first time


The cleansing and disinfection stage is one of the most crucial of the entire process of recovering from a disease outbreak. After the initial cleansing and disinfection phase, you’ll be required to submit a secondary Cleansing and Disinfection Plan to authorities for their approval. This is a mandatory process without which, your business will not be permitted to restart operations.

Any errors or deficiencies in paperwork or processes at this point will set back recovery as your plans will need to be amended and then resubmitted before going through the approval rounds again. This process will delay the return to normal farming operation. 

A Cleansing and Disinfection Plan from Livetec helps to reduce the length of this process.


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Cleansing your mind of worry

Experiencing a disease outbreak at your property is incredibly stressful, heightened by the fear of the unknown. 

The greatest benefit a Cleansing and Disinfection Plan brings is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a mapped out strategy that exceeds regulations and requirements. With a Cleansing and Disinfection Plan in place, your return to profitable business is already under way.

Our Cleansing and Disinfection Plan puts your mind at rest by:

  • Ensuring compliance with cleansing and disinfection requirements from the start
  • Guaranteeing maximum efficiencies in equipment and supply purchasing, reducing wastage and lowering cost
  • Significantly reducing cleansing time-scales, slashing operational downtime

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What’s included in a Cleansing and Disinfection Plan?

As part of your Cleansing and Disinfection Plan you’ll receive:

  • A proven template to build a fully defined schedule of works for cleansing and disinfection
  • A how-to guide clearly detailing the correct steps for all necessary cleansing and disinfection works
  • A best practice guide for the cleansing of all farm equipment
  • Breakdown of the Regulatory Position Statement
  • Template for an approved disposal plan for all waste/cleaning water
  • A range of exemplar cleansing and disinfection schedules

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. You have a legal obligation to have an officially approved plan to clean and disinfect any infected premises that has been impacted by a notifiable disease. Without a plan you could be held up for months during an outbreak trying to get one approved. This could have a devastating impact on your flock, farm and finances. If you have a non-notifiable disease outbreak, thorough cleansing and disinfection is a must to prevent any possible chance of a new flock also becoming infected.

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We give you a plan for the use of water including, most importantly, the safe disposal of water used during cleansing. This ensures that, from start to finish, the whole process runs more smoothly and keeps disruption to a minimum.

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