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We are proud to share our expertise in high animal welfare and livestock protection.

Whatever challenges you are facing in your farm business, Livetec has a compliant, science-led solution to help you overcome them.


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Protecting Your Livestock


Over the years, we have grown the Livetec brand, ensuring that we offer products and services that support farmers through crises, get them back on their feet and most importantly, prepare them for the future.

Our comprehensive range of services gives farmers the opportunity to implement tailored contingency plans and preventative measures that reduce risks and ensure business continuity, should the worst happen.


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Why Livetec?


We are specialists in providing support in situations such as disease outbreaks, welfare concerns and supply chain issues.

At Livetec, we offer real-world solutions to protect your healthy livestock and your business, while minimising your outgoings and reducing the financial impact of a crisis. Our experienced team is on hand to guide you every step of the way.

Together, our industry leading, wrap-around services are key to sparking essential and positive change from the inside out, building a foundation of resilience that proactively minimises risk, rather than accepting disease outbreaks as part of the deal.

Disease Mitigation & Outbreak Prevention


Robust biosecurity practices are the most effective way to minimise risks and give your business the best chance of survival should an outbreak occur.

We are specialists in providing biosecurity strategies that allow you to view your farm from an alternative perspective and understand how you can reduce risks to help stop the spread of disease.


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Introducing the
Livetec Systems App

Protect your livestock with real-time updates on avian influenza
outbreaks should your property fall within an identified zone.
You will receive a notification informing you both of the zones
you are in and of the responsibilities you have to do to remain
compliant. You can also report any suspicious symptoms you find
to the relevant reporting authority for verification.

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We protect reputations, livelihoods and livestock.


Being prepared is an essential aspect of farming, especially where situations may seem out of your control, such as notifiable and non-notifiable disease, our biosecurity solutions mean that you can mitigate the risk of an outbreak, minimise the impact to your business and help keep commercial losses to a minimum.

In addition to handling regulations and compliance on your behalf, our bespoke biosecurity services provide wrap-around support and leadership, allowing you to act swiftly and confidently in any situation. Our tailored contingency plans also help to protect your businesses’ profitability, reputation and livestock, ensuring your business is prepared should the worst happen.

Livetec has the right solution to meet your requirements


Our experience in farming, high animal welfare, research & development, legislation and policy enables us to provide comprehensive support services for our clients.

Partner with Livetec

We offer bespoke solutions to safeguard your livestock’s welfare, protect your business and reduce the risk of disease through our best-in-class biosecurity processes, award-winning equipment and expert training.

Our technical services team also deliver an innovative five-year contingency planning service to meet all your structural and operational biosecurity needs, ensuring you meet farm assurance scheme standards and comply with the latest government legislation.

We also provide a fully accredited contingency management service to support your farming operations in the event of a crisis.


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