Livetec’s On-Farm Products

At Livetec we are constantly developing new products and services to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver the most humane despatching of poultry when required. 

Our uniquely designed, innovative range of mobile stunning and culling devices means farm owners can save time, money and stress by bringing operations on-farm.



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Industry leading on-farm solutions

Highest welfare standards


Uphold the highest standards of animal welfare whilst despatching you poultry on-farm using the most efficient, cost-effective methods.



Livetec Systems - humane culling of poultry such as chickens, turkeys, broiler hens and quail

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Scalable innovative solutions


Our team of experts use decades of experience to create scalable on-farm solutions perfectly tailored to your requirements.


Innovative solutions to support farmers

The Livetec NEX®


The award-winning NEX has been designed to increase the individual on-farm culling capacity of poultry whilst avoiding any unnecessary suffering. The hand-held device ensures a humane, reliably quick and consistent neck dislocation. .

  • Hand held, comfortable ergonomic design
  • Ensures a quick, consistent neck dislocation
  • Despatching of birds up to 5kg
  • No restrictions on numbers
  • Affordable for any size of business
  • Supported by the Humane Slaughter Association
  • Reduces stress for the birds and the operators
  • Fully compliant with WATOK and EU 1099/2009 regulations
  • Red Tractor approved

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Livetec NEX training

With the Livetec NEX we offer full training and support. A Livetec expert puts theory into practice, explaining how it works, with demonstrations and hands-on training, ensuring your team is confident using the Livetec NEX. 

The sessions can be face-to-face or online and cover:

What is cervical neck dislocation? 

The Livetec NEX and how it works

Positioning of the Livetec NEX

Positioning of the bird

The movement itself

Review, debrief and Q&A session

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The Livetec on-farm product - The Containerised Gassing Unit (SGU) view from the top

Containerised Gassing Units (CGUs)


Our CGUs ensure on-farm depopulation is carried out in the most humane way possible, especially when used alongside our Smart Oxygen Meter. Reducing stress for the poultry, operators and owners. Compliant with methods described in Annex 1 of European Regulation (EU 1099/2009).

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The Livetec on-farm product - The Smart Oxygen Meter (SOM)

Smart Oxygen Meter (SOM)


The SOM, designed by Livetec, integrates with any gassing unit and provides operators with the reassurance that they can meet the regulations for despatching birds, whilst maintaining the highest levels of animal welfare.

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Livetec on-farm product - Whole House Gassing line drawing with farmer on a mobile

CO2 Whole-House Gassing (WHG)


On-farm outbreaks of deadly diseases are expensive and can devastate your livestock, livelihood and reputation. CO2 WHG is the most efficient, non-invasive humane solution for large-scale depopulation of poultry. .

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Livetec on-farm products - The Nitrogen Foam Delivery System (NFDS) equipment line drawing

Nitrogen Foam Delivery System (NFDS)


Livetec’s patented NFDS has been designed for the on-farm depopulation of pigs and poultry as it reduces the need to seal sheds. Its flexible design speeds up the process and requires minimal animal handling, complying with the highest standards of animal welfare, reducing their stress and that of the handlers.

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