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Our Biosecurity Plan documents the proactive measures and preventative strategies you have in place that help you establish the most robust line of protection possible.


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Why risk everything?


Documenting all of the on-farm protocols and practices that you have in place to prevent an outbreak and minimise your risks ensures that everyone, including you, your staff and visitors know exactly what to do to prevent deadly pathogens entering your farm.


Our Biosecurity Plan is looked on favourably by:

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Demonstrate your commitment to proactive risk management and disease prevention to get the correct insurance for your business

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Assurance schemes

Whether you’re part of British Lion Code or Red Tractor, these plans are aligned to your assurance code standards

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Designed to support you, your workers and your visitors on a daily basis, during high risk periods and everywhere in between

Your poultry’s security is human responsibility

Implementing a comprehensive biosecurity plan offers a range of advantages for poultry farmers and egg producers. Not only does effective biosecurity bolster the health and welfare of your flock, but it also provides tangible economic benefits that can enhance the long-term sustainability and profitability of your operation.

Explore benefits such as:

  • A proactive strategy for disease prevention

By utilising effective biosecurity measures, you reduce the chances of an outbreak, protecting you and your flock from the devastating impact that diseases can have physically and financially.

  • Enhanced preparedness through biosecurity

With a clearly documented comprehensive biosecurity strategy in place, you enhance your preparedness for such events, safeguarding your business during times of crisis.

  • Upholding and improving standards

A strong biosecurity plan is a reflection of your commitment to maintaining and exceeding industry standards — a crucial differentiator in a competitive market.

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What is included in your Biosecurity Plan:

  • In-depth biosecurity overview to establish a robust line of protection
  • Clearly defined biosecurity protocols by all staff and visitors
  • All year-round escalation planning and preventative strategies for high-risk periods
  • Details of thorough cleansing and disinfection products used
  • Lion Code and Red Tractor biosecurity standards
  • Farm mapping
  • Pest control strategy
  • Our Biosecurity Plan is compliant with the latest government guidelines

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Frequently asked questions

Our Biosecurity Plan helps to cover you, your flock and your farm throughout the year. Our high-risk prevention strategies are especially useful when the ever increasing threat of disease is at its highest.

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Yes, it outlines your plans to mitigate the risk of vermin bringing disease onto your farm and infecting your flock.

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Leveraging our Biosecurity Plan showcases your proactive approach to risk management. This not only signals your dedication to rigorous biosecurity measures, but also positions you favourably when negotiating with insurance firms. Insurers tend to favour enterprises that exhibit a heightened level of preparedness. Doing so can result in more favourable insurance terms, premiums, and tailored coverage options that align with your operation’s unique needs.

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To get started, fill out this form and one of our expert Biosecurity Advisors will be in touch to start your plan. We will work around you, so tell us when you’re available and when is the best time to talk so we can get your plan underway.

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Forward-thinking to protect

With our Biosecurity Plan in place you’ll know (and so will everyone else) exactly what measures, practices and protocols that are in place and need to be carried out in order to protect the future of your farm. With our plan you can plan ahead with confidence and have the peace of mind that you’re in control.


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