How our Contingency Planning helped save farmer James Baxter over £45,000.

Preparing for future challenges is a crucial part of protecting your business. Farmer James Baxter tells us how Livetec’s contingency planning service helped him be ready to tackle an avian influenza outbreak.

His innovative farm employs a circular economy approach to optimise efficiency. This eco-conscious farm harnesses wind turbines for energy, employs wood chip boilers for heating, ventilation, and lighting in its sheds, and utilises a combined heat and power plant. 

James also established a robust Contingency Plan for his farm, should the worst happen.

A farmer saved £45,000 with a biosecurity plan

“I think the best thing we can do on-farm, in case we get AI, is to be prepared. What better thing can you do than have a Contingency Plan drawn up by professionals”

James Baxter

Being prepared helps protect farms.


Although he maintained strict biosecurity measures, in January 2023, James’ farm was impacted by avian influenza (AI).

Having a contingency plan ready to go meant that when his farm was impacted by avian influenza, Scottish farmer, James Baxter, was able to enact it instantly. Being able to hand all the time critical information to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) as soon as they arrived, resulted in huge cost savings and stress reduction.

“You get a Livetec Contingency Plan, you’re already at the first corner when the traps open. And that’s really what it’s about. Getting ahead of the game

James Baxter

James describes, in his own words, how Livetec’s support was vital.

Watch this short video of James as he takes you through the whole process. He talks of the initial shock of being diagnosed with avian influenza, how the speed of the Emergency Response Plan meant APHA inspectors could begin their processes in an hour, how our on-farm expert helped train his staff and was an essential partner throughout with expert advice and emotional support.

Livetec can help people – with their Contingency Plan, it’s like a roadmap to success with AI

James Baxter

How Livetec can help

Livetec are leaders in biosecurity. We are dedicated to developing innovative products and services to help protect the future of the poultry farming industry. Our priority is safeguarding livestock and livelihoods, and if the worst should happen, supporting you through the process as much as possible.


I would 100% recommend Livetec as your partner in the event of an AI outbreak. The services that they bring, the experience that they bring to the whole thing makes it a much simpler process

James Baxter


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 How contingency planning helped James Baxter

We have a range of industry leading products and services designed to improve the welfare of your animals and your farm business. They include:

Biosecurity Advisory Service: On-farm visit by our experts to maximise your biosecurity
Contingency Plan: Prepares you for worst case scenarios
Biosecurity Plan: Encompasses all measures to prevent the introduction of deadly pathogens 
Emergency Response Plan: Enhances preparedness in an outbreak
National Outbreak Plan: Ensures you comply with government regulations if impacted by an outbreak
Cleansing and Disinfection Plan: A framework for all measures required to comply with APHA
Farm Health Guardian: Maximise biosecurity with digital technology