Research and Development

Biosecurity and agricultural management is an ever-evolving science and we believe research and development is key to building the future of livestock protection through biosecurity advancement.

We collaborate with leading academic institutions, animal welfare bodies and governments to provide the evidence base that improves humane slaughter methods, welfare standards and commercial profitability.

research and development is key to building the future of livestock protection through biosecurity advancement

Our research and development work spans more than 35 years


Livetec improving humane slaughter methods and welfare standards

Decades of development

For more than a decade we have been developing our own technology as well as working with academics, industry and governments worldwide to build evidence that improves humane slaughter methods and welfare standards.

Livetec has contributed to a multitude of research projects. We routinely offer our scientific expertise in the areas of engineering and humane depopulation systems for all types of livestock.

Product innovation

For more than a decade, we have been dedicated to developing our own technology.

We invest extensively in our own product and service development – most recently, this resulted in the launch of the award-winning Livetec NEX®, a simple to use, hand-held, depopulation device which is designed to ensure straight forward and reliable neck dislocation in poultry dispatching.


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The Livetec on-farm product - The NEX


Livetec has designed and implemented numerous systems that function in accordance with high-welfare accreditation for seasonal depopulation with a leading turkey producer.

The system is compliant with RSPCA Assured Standards and has been directly assessed by their Farm Animal Welfare Specialists.

Our poultry work covers all types of poultry including chicken broilers, chicken layers, duck broilers, duck layers, turkey broilers, turkey layers, goose broilers, guinea fowl broilers, quail broilers, gamefowl broilers, layer pheasants, layer geese and layer grouse.


We are now part of a consortium for a project jointly funded by the Humane Slaughter Association and DEFRA.

Low Atmospheric Pressure Stunning (LAPS) is a new method of depopulation that has been approved by EFSA for the poultry industry after many years of scientific development and improvement.


Livetec has also lent its expertise to the development of humane culling systems for diverse species including crabs, lobsters and langoustine.

This has resulted in the development of commercial equipment now in use in restaurant kitchens and commercial shellfish processing plants.

Organisations that we have most
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