National Outbreak Plan


As a bird owner, you must be prepared for the likelihood of a disease outbreak. By planning ahead, you reduce the risk of introducing and spreading deadly pathogens. Without an understanding of disease, or any plans in place, you leave yourself incredibly vulnerable. 

The Livetec National Outbreak Plan is an easy to navigate document, designed to explain the process of dealing with disease. It is filled with guidance on how to declare disease, how to navigate the regulations and legislation set by assurance schemes and the UK Government, managing the media and County Parish Holding numbers as well as how to navigate restrictions set by Zones.


What is included in the National Outbreak Plan?

Livetec are experts in navigating disease outbreaks on premises across the UK. As the first step to contingency planning, our National Outbreak Plan is packed with the critical information you need to navigate the worst situations. 

In this plan you can expect:

  • A how-to guide for disease declaration
  • Information reporting when zones are implemented
  • Explanation of movement restrictions
  • Movement licensing and their conditions of use
  • Zone definitions and their requirements
  • Media responses
  • Farming related support services and mental health planning 
  • A guide on how to change or update your CPH number
  • Updates of the Governments exotic diseases control and AI policy
  • An acronym glossary to quickly define key terms

Farmer with National Outbreak Plan logo