Clinks Care Farm

Clinks Care Farm is a 143-acre Norfolk Country Farm in Toft Monks, near Beccles. The farm offers opportunities for people to experience working on a farm and gain new skills and experiences. Clinks Care is run under the ethos of ‘combining the care of the land with the care of people’ by husband and wife team Doeke Dobma and Iris Van Zon and their dedicated team of directors, staff, volunteers and local colleague farmers.

The farm has a variety of species and sells all its produce through their farm shop and the local box delivery scheme, with a small amount sold to local butchers. The responsibility created by these schemes helps to give those in their care new skills and experiences which are beneficial both within and outside the farm environment. Clinks Care’s accomplishment is displayed brilliantly when you look at their success in assisting people into various areas of the agricultural and horticultural industry.

Doeke came for a chat at the recent Pig and Poultry Fair, as he wanted some guidance on general farm biosecurity, and whether there were any improvements or changes needed to the farm. Doeke wanted to ensure that he and the team could continue with their amazing work, whilst ensuring they were following all necessary biosecurity recommendations.

After hearing what great work Clinks Care Farm does, Livetec decided to offer them a risk assessment by way of donation. During our visit we compiled notes so that we could offer advice using our knowledge of disease and biosecurity on-farm. There was specific advice that Clinks required which the technical team researched and offered solutions.

Livetec developed a biosecurity plan, which covers measures to improve general on-farm biosecurity, what to do in the event of disease and poultry-specific advice. Additionally, we offered solutions and directed the team to resources that would be useful to a mixed farm establishment.

The ability to help such a worthwhile, on-going project, which implements such strong community links and focuses on assisting both volunteers and those in their care to be fulfilled individuals, is a pleasure for all of us here at Livetec. In future, we intend to remain in contact with Clinks to offer advisory services and volunteer support where needed.

Helping community farms such as Clinks Care to understand disease and biosecurity is especially important so that, even in challenging times such as a disease outbreak, they can continue to carry out their outstanding work.

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