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Avian influenza H6N1 found in Co. Fermanagh

The Livetec team were called to a farm on the 20th January 2020 in Co. Fermanagh concerning a case of the non-notifiable disease, avian influenza H6N1, which was affecting a very large number of brown layer hens.

The farm had a total of three sheds and it was found that AI had been spread to all the sheds. It was decided that a depopulation operation was necessary to avoid the further spread of the disease. This large operation used Livetec’s on farm operations to ensure the entire process was carried out as fairly, humanely and ethically as possible.

Whilst AI H6N1 is a non-notifiable disease due to it being a low pathogenic strain, left untreated, this strain can mutate into a highly pathogenic strain, making it a notifiable disease and causing an increased level of disruption.

Large operations such as this one are highly disruptive, a shock to finances, and devastating for the farmer and workers. The risk of these unpleasant situations and decisions can be greatly reduced using Livetec technical services, like a bespoke biosecurity strategy. An effective, biosecurity and contingency plan should be an integral part of your business plan going forward.

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