Preparing for any farm emergency with Livetec

Last year saw the UK’s poultry industry record its highest ever number of disease cases

Disease incursion not only has a devastating effect on poultry, it also impacts the livelihoods of poultry owners and workers as well as having huge consequences for local and national economies.

Understand the full impact of a disease outbreak, the necessary steps and processes in the event of one being declared, and how to best plan to avoid one.

Preparedness protects

With a Livetec Emergency Response Plan in place, farmers are in the best position to minimise the impact of any emergency and maximise their ability to recover, should the worst happen. 

In the event of an emergency, the plan holds all of the essential information mandated by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) into a single source of truth. This enables a coherent, streamlined response by bird owners, should it be necessary.

Our plan speeds up time-consuming processes, reduces the impact on flocks and lessens the stress on owners. Saving you time, worry and money, our Emergency Response Plan saved James Baxter, Egg Farmer and BFREPA Chairman over £45,000.


Protecting your farm’s future

The Emergency Response Plan is the best way to protect the futures of farm businesses, providing:

  • A clear, coherent, actionable plan in the event of disease incursion
  • A quicker response from vets and authorities
  • The ability to maximise compensation
  • Compliance with government regulations
  • An increased likelihood of being insured