What you have to provide in an outbreak: An in-depth report

Finding yourself in the middle of an avian influenza outbreak can be a nerve-shattering experience: authorities need lots of information, quickly. We help you understand what your obligations are, and what you need to provide, in a worst case-scenario.

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When you suspect a case of avian influenza

In the event of a suspected case of avian influenza, farmers are obliged to notify the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) swiftly resulting in an investigation to confirm its presence. Affected premises will then be placed under quarantine while test-and-trace protocols are enacted, alongside full-scale cleaning and disinfection schedules.

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What are you required to provide?

Working with APHA’s process is the farmer’s best way to speed up the process, and get them back to normal farming operations as soon as possible. By getting documentation and policies in order prior to an AI event occurring, a farmer is putting themselves in the best position to bounce back as swiftly as possible.

Some of the required documents include: 

  • Animal movement records
  • Cleaning and disinfection plans
  • Biosecurity plans
  • Farm maps
  • Financial records

Getting organised ahead of time brings clarity and confidence, meaning that farms and businesses can focus on their core operations rather than worrying about the future. Being well-prepared brings peace of mind.

How Livetec can help

Livetec are leaders in biosecurity. Our extensive experience means that we are perfectly placed to advise farmers on their requirements and obligations, in the event of an outbreak occurring.  

Our consultants work with farmers to create bespoke plans and strategies that mitigate the risk of a disease outbreak, but should the worst happen, become a ready action-plan that can be implemented straight away, as soon as a disease has been confirmed at a premises. We’ll help you get your documentation in order, so that you can spend less time with admin and more time reducing your risks.

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