What happens in an AI outbreak and how it can be prevented: A comprehensive guide

The avian influenza outbreak is a continuing problem for poultry owners. It’s impacted all sizes of flocks, from backyard keepers to commercial producers.


With a mortality rate of up to 99% and no cure, it has devastated entire flocks across the UK, causing major financial problems for poultry owners.

When an outbreak occurs farmers can understandably feel uncertain about the future. That’s why being prepared for one is the only sure way to reduce the impact and be more confident about the future.  

Our report gives clear information on what happens in an outbreak, how to successfully navigate through it and, most importantly, how to prevent an outbreak. Knowing what to do in a worst case scenario helps minimise the impact and reduce stress.

What happens in an AI outbreak and how one can be prevented

Everything you need to know about before, during and after an outbreak

Farmers need to know what to do in an outbreak. Our report comprehensively describes how to spot the disease, report it, comply with government regulations and what biosecurity measures can be taken to prevent an incursion occuring.

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Our in-depth report covers:


  • A history of avian influenza
  • Types of avian influenza
  • Signs to look out for
  • How to declare an outbreak
  • The process after an outbreak is confirmed
  • Describes all the control zones
  • How to prevent an outbreak

Preparedness is the best protection

Knowing what happens in an outbreak and what you have to do during one helps limit the impact and stress for everyone involved. However, prevention is better than the cure. 

Livetec are the leaders in biosecurity. Our experts call on decades of on-farm experience to create bespoke, research-backed biosecurity services and innovative products designed to protect the welfare of livestock and livelihoods. In an outbreak we work closely with farmers to reduce the impact and get them back operating fully as soon as possible. The farming industry can rest assured that Livetec is building the future of biosecurity.


 How can an AI outbreak be prevented

What happens in an AI outbreak


Our services include:

  • Biosecurity advisory service
  • Contingency Plan
  • Biosecurity Plan
  • Infected Premises Response Plan
  • National Outbreak Plan
  • Cleansing and Disinfection Plan

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Find out how our team of industry leading experts provide you with a range of bespoke biosecurity plans that help protect your business.


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