The Livetec Farm Health Guardian

What is Farm Health Guardian (FHG)?

Farm Health Guardian has been designed and developed by leading biosecurity experts.

Proven in extensive field trials, it uses the power of digitisation and technology to provide a single source of truth. This means that discrepancies across separate processes in your operation are removed. 

With FHG, everyone working on your premises, or those essential to the running of your farm business, know exactly what is happening on-farm, 24/7. This is achieved with realtime reporting, instant alerts, digital logbooks, electronic check-ins and instant communication.

Farm Health Guardian takes on-farm biosecurity to the next level.

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Farm Health Guardian key feature and benefits

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Farm Health Guardian is designed to achieve a range of critical goals, including: to help farmers streamline their approach to disease mitigation and animal health. This is achieved by adopting:

A single source of truth

  • Discrepancies are eliminated
  • No more incomplete, or inconsistent paper records
  • Records instantly available on your mobile

Speedy response times

  • Instant communication to all farm stakeholders
  • Extra time granted when a disease outbreak is suspected
  • Time saving digital records, instantly available for government inspectors

Real-time insights

  • Real-time data capture and analysis
  • Customised reports in real-time
  • At-a-glance insight into what is happening at all areas of your farm business as it happens

Easy, rapid set up and use

  • Up and running in 48 hours
  • Full training and support
  • Covers all areas of your business operations

Find out more about the full benefits and download our information sheet.