Futureproof your farm business by taking your

biosecurity digital

With 64% of food consumed in Great Britain coming from our farms and demand increasing, ensuring the success of the nation’s farm businesses has never been more critical.

However, today’s farmers also face unprecedented challenges in the face of new and existing diseases. When you also consider the incredible demands on time, resources, and financial pressures, it’s easy to see how moving away from inefficient manual processes towards innovative digital solutions can deliver significant benefits.


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Paper-based biosecurity processes come at a high

financial cost

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As one of the oldest established industries, farming traditionally relies on paper-based systems. However, this can be hugely costly in the event of a disease outbreak, with physical information often incomplete, hard to locate and difficult to search.

The disease will continue to spread throughout that delay if information can’t immediately be located, queried, verified, and communicated. This inefficiency can take a heavy toll on livestock health in the path of disease and farmers’ livelihoods.

Digital technologies remove this inefficiency and barriers to access. They can accelerate the speed of response in the event of disease incursion and provide more robust biosecure defences against that threat.


Digital documentation can futureproof your farm business

Storing biosecurity information such as visitor logs digitally means they can be immediately accessible on demand. This can drastically speed up the response to disease outbreaks and help to contain disease incursion.

Digitalising biosecurity has other benefits, too. Such as the ability to make decisions based on real-time animal health data. Other advantages include instant communication with team members and searchable records, and faster contact tracing.  

Digital biosecurity allows for proactive as well as reactive disease management. Digital disease mapping, for example, can be used to calculate risk, so measures can be implemented to lessen the threat.

Digital biosecurity offers enormous procedural, operational and financial benefits.

Futureproof your farm today.