Avian influenza prevention


The best way to protect your poultry from avian influenza (AI) is prevention.


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Young farm worker with a biosecurity checklist on her tablet

Reducing the risk of a disease outbreak

Farmer using an avian influenza prevention checklist on his tablet

The best way to mitigate your risks of an avian influenza outbreak is to implement stringent biosecurity protocols.

Livetec has developed a range of biosecurity services that not only reduce on-farm risks, but also limit the impact of a disease outbreak should one occur on your farm, and get you operational again as quickly as possible.

Find out how the Livetec team can help you protect your farm.


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Avian influenza prevention measures


A biosecurity plan should contain a list of critical protocols that must be adhered to at all times, and referred to regularly so you can be sure that the measures you have in place are functioning effectively.

Some core points that should be in your biosecurity checklist are:

  • Knowing what, and where, animals are moving around your premises and their origins if new to your flock, including a period of quarantine, were necessary
  • Ensuring that farm equipment, delivery and transport vehicles, feed and bedding, which has been shared with another farm, are thoroughly disinfected before allowed entry
  • Keeping track of workers from other farms and your workers movements around the premise
  • Limiting the visits from people with pets and their personal vehicles
  • Preventing your livestock from drinking from contaminated ponds, rivers and streams
  • Training for all workers on the protocols that are in place and what symptoms to watch out for
  • Maintaining your sheds and storage buildings so they are secured against wildlife, vermin and wild bird



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Partnering with Livetec


Over the last decade Livetec have used our expertise and scientific know-how to build disease prevention measures with UK poultry farm businesses.

The Livetec team use the knowledge of your premises and on-farm operations to build a comprehensive set of biosecurity protocols to reduce the risk of an outbreak on your farm.


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Contingency planning services


We provide farms with contingency planning services which gives a clear outline on what to do should you face an outbreak. It is aligned with both the APHA disease outbreak measures and Defra disease protocols to keep farmers compliant at all times.

Find out more about a Livetec contingency planning services.


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