Emergency poultry depopulation for flooding


When every second counts, trust Livetec


When flood waters threaten your poultry farm, Livetec Systems are ready to provide swift and humane emergency depopulation solutions. With over a decade in the field, our industry approved specialists are equipped to help you resolve the impact of flooding on your business.


Emergency help

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Fast response

Time is of the essence during a flood event. Livetec’s response service means that we’re on-site swiftly to help protect your assets. Our team of experienced professionals will be there when your farm needs us the most.

Emergency help

Humane handling

Our commitment to ethical practices underpins every action we take. Every team member operates under the highest standards of humane handling, supported by training and experience with leading catchers in the industry.

Emergency help


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Experience and knowledge

With over ten years of dedicated service in emergency depopulation, Livetec has developed extensive experience and knowledge in dealing with complex scenarios. We understand your problems and are prepared to act decisively with expertise that only true specialists can offer.

Emergency help

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Fill out our emergency help form now for support on our emergency poultry depopulation services or to discuss your farm’s flood response plan. Our specialists are ready to provide the support and solutions you need.


Emergency help

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. We fully understand that in such an unforeseen emergency like flooding, you need expert help. We have over a decade of experience in dealing with emergency situations. Our priorities are the welfare of your flock and farm and also the wellbeing of you and your staff.

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We aim to deploy and be on your premises within 36 hours of written confirmation of a requirement for our depopulation services.

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Absolutely. We cover farms of all sizes. From the smaller family run farms, through to the largest commercial enterprises. Rest assured that whatever the size of your farm, you will receive our full attention and service to get you on the road to recovery quickly. 

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Yes. Having our depopulation service on standby before a flood or any other emergency happens means you’re in a position to have it dealt with in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. Find out more by contacting us.

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