The Livetec Biosecurity Advisory Service

Having robust on-farm biosecurity practices in place can mean the difference between a profitable year, or a year impacted by a disease outbreak. 

If that happens, then the loss of business and revenue through operational downtime, the cleaning and disinfection costs and restock outlay are a heavy price to pay.

Livetec have been in attendance at nearly every highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak in the past decade. From these visits and epidemiology reports, it has been noted that often, poor on-farm biosecurity was the reason behind the disease outbreak.

Our Biosecurity Advisory Service helps you to protect your animals, business and livelihood.

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About Livetec’s Biosecurity Advisory Service

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The Livetec Advisory Biosecurity Services goes beyond simple compliance.

We provide you with a biosecurity expert who will come to your premises for a site visit. Our expert will conduct a comprehensive review of how your business operates and the current measures you have in place.

Upon completion, you will be presented with any issues or areas for concern and the best solutions for your business. Our expert advice is supported by years of practical on-farm experience, evidence-based research and practical know-how.

Make sure your livestock are protected. Contact a Livetec expert here.