Livetec’s Biosecurity Advisory Service


Take the first step towards securing the health and safety of your flock.


As a farmer, your top priority is to ensure the wellbeing of your livestock. However, with the constant threat of disease, it can be challenging to stay on top of disease prevention measures. That’s where our Biosecurity Advisory Service comes in.


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Our team of experts specialise in providing tailored biosecurity solutions for farms like yours.


With our comprehensive 1-day visit, we will review your current measures and assess how your business operates on the ground. Including a walkthrough of the farm from road to livestock, to a thorough biosecurity assessment, we leave no stone unturned in identifying potential risks to your farm.


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Based on our findings, we provide practical recommendations that can be adopted to enhance your biosecurity measures.

What you get:


  • Review of current risks in relation to how your business operates on the ground 
  • Farm walkthrough from road to livestock areas
  • Biosecurity assessment findings and recommendations
  • Recommendations and practical actions for on-farm processes and protocols
  • Biosecurity performance scoring and rating


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Don’t wait for a disease outbreak to occur. Start your journey on building the future of livestock protection by booking a 1-day visit with our biosecurity experts.


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