Research And Development

As well as developing our own technology we are involved in scientific research projects, inputting our expertise in the area of engineering and humane slaughter systems to these studies. For many years Livetec has contributed to research projects with the University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow and the SRUC.

Pot Bellied Pig On Farm


We are now part of a consortium with these partners that won the bid for a project jointly funded by the Humane Slaughter Association and DEFRA. Low Atmospheric Pressure Stunning (LAPS) is a new method of slaughter that has been approved by EFSA for the poultry industry after many years of scientific development and improvement. With that, the project is investigating the potential benefit LAPS contributes as a high welfare alternative to carbon dioxide stunning of pigs at slaughter.


Livetec have designed and implemented systems that function in accordance with high-welfare accreditation for seasonal slaughter with a leading turkey producer, the system is compliant with RSPCA Assured standards and has been directly assessed by their Farm Animal Welfare Specialists.


Over the years we have been involved in developing humane slaughter systems for diverse species including that of crabs, lobsters and langoustine, which has resulted in the development of commercial equipment both in restaurant kitchens and commercial shellfish processors.

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