Nitrogen Foam Delivery System

The Nitrogen Foam Delivery System (NFDS) has been developed as an alternative to whole house gassing with carbon dioxide. There were a number of reasons for this:

  • To use an inert gas that it less aversive to poultry than carbon dioxide
  • To reduce the need to spend time sealing sheds prior to gassing
  • To provide a system that could be applied to open sheds

Laboratory scale research was undertaken, funded by the UK and Dutch governments and carried out in partnership with the University of Glasgow, Wageningen UR (Lelystad) and the Royal Veterinary College.

It was determined that when birds were submerged in high expansion water based foam, created with 100% nitrogen gas, they rapidly lost consciousness and died of anoxia. Behavioural studies also showed little of aversion to the presence of the foam itself.

The commercial system has been developed to deliver high quantities of nitrogen filled foam into poultry sheds at a rate of 5000 m3 per hour. This can effectively fill a 30,000 bird broiler shed in one hour or a 45 metre free range shed in about 40 minutes. The system is suitable for floor reared, flat deck and multi-tier free range systems as the foam builds up to a height in excess of 5 metres. The system has also been used for emergency culling in poultry houses with structural damage.

Livetec are actively looking for delivery partners in other territories for the NFDS and other Livetec products. If you are interested in this opportunity or would like more information about the Foam System please provide details in the contact form below.

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