Automated Containerised Gassing Units

The Operations Team have been working hard to turn our entire Containerised Gassing Units range into fully automated, user-friendly units meaning all of Livetec’s systems can be used in a manual form with our current Smart Oxygen Monitor and high-flow regulators or with our new automated unit which allows the user to run an entire cycle at the touch of a button.

In our never-ending quest for new, more advanced technology our automated unit has incorporated Zirconium Dioxide sensors, resulting in quick calibration and extremely accurate readings.
The system also includes an upgraded touchscreen HDMI which records all cycle data in real time, with additional ports that can be bespoke to our clients’ needs. You will also be able to access our unique user manuals and SOP’S preloaded on our automated systems in a PDF version for your convenience on-site.

The team has tested our automisation system in active operations all over the UK and are continuously improving our range to meet the needs of our clients from large commercial operations to smaller scale enterprises. Our gas based stunning systems are industry leading and we believe the automated units provide a cost-effective solution for high welfare onsite small batch culling.

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